Sell By Owner

Why pay a realtor when you can sell it yourself?

There are a few key reasons why someone may choose to sell their home by themselves. The main reason is you potentially could save money on the backend of any deal as you do not have to pay agent costs, as sellers typically pay commission fees based on the sale value of properties. Another great reason is YOU are in control of the listing! From the price point to the timeframes, to the marketing efforts. Generally this is a good option to go with if you aren’t in a time crunch to sell your property.

Why you SHOULD pay a realtor instead of selling it yourself.

Because time is money. According to A home listed with an agent sells within 75 days as of march, 2023, while homes without representation take much MUCH longer to sell. It can be harder to effectively market your property and connect with buyers, and those you do connect with may be bad actors, or con artists trying to take advantage of you. It can also be harder to find clients willing to work with you as most people work with an agent, who will want to charge you a commission fee for their time (if they decide to present your home to their client in the first place). Lastly you may not have the market knowledge necessary to effectively price your home meaning that you will either grossly overprice your home which will remain stagnant on the market, or you might accidentally underprice your home, and sell it for less than what you would’ve made just listing with an agent in the first place!

Regardless of how you wish to proceed we can help! We can perform a comparative market analysis on your property to help you find a reasonable price point and list your property for sale on the MLS for a one-time fee. Otherwise, if you would prefer to skip the headache and have us represent you, we would be honored!